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Interviewer:  In your book you've developed some recipes to alkalize the
body. How did that come apart and why is that part of the book?

Interviewee: That is such a big huge part of the book. As you've just
interviewed, Dr. Young is brilliant with his science. Unless we have a way
to take that science into the kitchen, into the restaurant, into our daily
lives it's just good information. That's kind of my part in the mission
where I take the science of food and it meets the taste of health.

My job, my challenge was how do I make all of these recipes that are
centered around alkalarian food delicious? How do I make them taste good?
We're all about taste, we eat for taste. We don't always eat for health.
Whatever tastes good is usually what kids get hooked on, even big kids,
like adults get hooked on.

I had the challenge of having a very limited palette, so to speak. I had to
be creative with the combination. We have a line of kale chips that is
absolutely delicious. We would have those instead of potato chips or corn
chips. We have nuts that we take to the movies instead of popcorn that are
bathed in a salt solution and very, very crunchy. Instead of red licorice I
eat red bell pepper strips that I dehydrated in the dehydrator. Instead of
vinegar we're using lemon juice in our salad dressings in our drinks.
There's always a way to alkalinize a meal even if it's a traditional meal,
by looking at the substitutions that we have in the book and how to use
those. Instead of butter or margarine we're using healthy oils. Those oils
and healthy fats are usually a pH of seven. They really, really help
diabetics get their blood sugars back to normal levels. They bath the cells
in bio lipid membranes that help the cells in their integrity.

It's really a good program. It really helps people bring their bodies back
into a state of balance. When we're thinking about the bloodstream we think
of it as a living, flowing organ. If we target that bloodstream that feeds
every other organ and system in the body we usually affect every other
organ and system in the body. It's a holistic approach. It's a good one.
It's easy to do.
Shelley Redford Young has developed recipes and books to help reduce acid in the body. She discusses a couple of tips she uses to help get your body more alkaline and more healthy overall.

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