Forget The Scale, Know Your Body Composition

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Male 1:        You talk about knowing body fat percentage, and that being more than just a number on the scale. Again, that's another way of changing the way we think. Why is that important, do you think?

- Male 2:        Body mass index, initially, is height, weight. That was relevant years ago, because that's what we needed. But once again, it's evolved. Body composition is everything, because your body composition that you can find through measuring your body fat, gives you the amount of lean body mass you have, which is your muscle; that's your metabolism. And it gives you the body fat that you have, which is your stored fat in your tissue.

Knowing that number, you're not just focusing on the scale. See, when someone starts eating consistently, they might build 3 pounds of muscle, drop 8 pounds of fat, but the scale only moves 5 pounds. Then they're, "Man. My clothes fit better. I look cleaner; I'm only down five pounds." Even though they're doing amazing, they're only looking at the scale. 

I saw my Mom every single day, wake up, and her day was determined on what that scale said. There was no relevance to that. If you go and have a drink of alcohol, you go have a couple of slices of pizza, that can make you hold fluid. It has nothing to do with if that's legitimate weight or not. 

Body composition and body fat percentage gives us a better view of what our external health is, so we can actually have a more tangible evidence of how we're progressing.
Nutritionist Mark Macdonald discusses the importance of knowing your body composition and what that is exactly. He also talks about why BMI, or body mass index may not be as relevant as we thought. Also find out why it might not be a good idea to step on the scale every day!

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