This Form of Omega-3 Might Be Better For You, and Those Close to You!

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Scott: When we talk about the omega-3 of, er, algae form of omega-3, what sort of source does that come in?  Is it like a gelcap, a pill, a liquid?  You can get other omega-3's in various forms.  And then, one of the side effects from the fish is the burps.  People get that fishy taste later in the day.  Talk about those two things when related to the algael form.

Sam Couture: Sure, yeah.  So the product Qualitas is currently making, ends kind of at the barrel level.  It's a processed, refined, omega-3 oil from the algae, with 25% EPA, much of that being in glycolipid and phospholipid form.  And we're working with nutraceutical manufacturers for inclusion as an ingredient in their products.  So our product is the oil itself.  And you mention an important and interesting topic, the burping.  It turns out the phospholipid, the polar lipid form of our algae, basically allows the omega-3 to kind of go into suspension better in the human gastrointestinal tract.  So we don't have oils floating on top, exposed to the gases with it.  So the potential of gas and burping with that fishy flavor is not there. 


Do you experience the 'fish burps' when taking fish oil or other marine sources of omega-3? Sam Couture discusses a different form of omega-3 that does not have that as a side effect, something that is often a problem for many people.

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