Four Powerful Cancer Fighting Foods

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Interviewer: Discuss the four ingredients in Pomi-T and why those four, what is special about those?

Interviewee: Well, as I said we developed the through the NCRI committee, which is a group of nutritionalists, oncologists, patients and we looked at the world literature on which polyphenol, which fruits for the sake of argument, had the most benefit so far. there's not many trials at all so it didn't take long. We looked at laboratory data and we looked at Phase II data, and virtually, there's very few phase III data but they were all through the trials we looked at. The four ingredients that stood out were pomegranate, because they had laboratory studies showing that cancer cells, when you expose them to pomegranate extract, would grow less fast. The proliferation would not be as strong, they would die when they should do. So, apoptosis and markers of spread, loss of adhesion, these were all positively seen in cancer cells but not in normal cells as well. The same applied to green tea and the same applied to broccoli and turmeric. But they all had a slight different emphasis on their anti-cancer mechanism, so the hypothesis of the trial was look, first of all, we have four foods that have some evidence but their benefit is slightly different. So, the hypothesis, if you put them together, you'd get a synergistic effect and that's why those four foods were decided on eventually.
A number of foods are thought to protect against cancer and other diseases? But which might be better than others? Dr. Robert Thomas discusses the four food ingredients in the supplement Pomi-T and why those four were selected for the product. Find out what set them apart from the many others that may have been considered.

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