GMO feed given to livestock–What this farmer witnessed!

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Scott: How concerning is that what you talk about how you, first hand, saw how sick some of these animals got from consuming GMO feed, and knowing that people are either consuming these animals or their products such as milk and things like that. When you see first hand how sick those animals were and that people that are eating that. I mean that's got to just be frightening.

Howard Vlieger: It's... it absolutley... If it doesn't get your attention, I wonder about either the fact that you have a pulse or what kind of values you function under. Because it's so obvious and it's not normal. It's been... I watched that in the animal arena. 1996, the first BT corn came out and they put a little bit of that corn in the silage pile for the dairy down the road. They were able to keep track of what went where. They hit that spot in the silage pile and the cows backed off feed. Well, three years later, when there had been a full force implementation, or four years or five years or whatever the case may be, and there had been an avalanche type implementation of BT corn, cows didn't have a choice anymore. So people didn't see what was normal or what they had changed to be and the incidences of the specific illnesses that had occurred, that came upon in the same manner and fashion. Where antibiotic use was as needed or sporadic at best, now all of the sudden has become routine, you know, you have to do it because that's the way it is. Well, that was another component that we did with our study. We did not use antibiotics. That was done on purpose because of the anecdotal information that we had connected previously, we saw that there was a remediative effect of sorts from the antibiotic as far as some of the digestive issues. When you feed good feed stuffs, you don't have the animals on drugs to keep them healthy and alive and growing. But who does that support? If you follow the circle back far enough, coincidence or not, the pharmaceutical slash chemical, slash GMO producing seed companies, they're all one in the same. So that might cause you to ask a question. Is this good for business? Their business?


Howard Vlieger has been a farmer for many years. In this short video, he discusses what he's seen first hand when it comes to the use of GMO products. He mentions it's affects on livestock as many farmers are currently feeding GMO products to their animals.

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