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Scott: When it comes to the technology of GMO, is there any current or
potential benefit to that technology, whether it be through a food or
anything else? Is there anything positive that can come from that?

Jeffrey M. Smith: I'm not against genetic engineering, per se. I think you
can genetically engineer a human to correct a defective gene as long as
it's not inheritable, you changing the structure of humanity. And that
might save a person's life.

We can genetically engineer new medicines or cheaper medicines in a factory
but we have to really be careful to account for the potential dangers.
There wes a food supplement called L-tryptophan that was genetically
engineered in the 1980s that caused the death of about a hundred Americans,
caused five to ten thousand to fall sick. The genetic engineering of the
bacteria that produced the tryptophan, was probably the reason why the
deadly epidemic occurred.

I think that genetic engineering is something that can be used in research,
can be used in a laboratory, but it's not responsible to feed the products
of this infant science to the entire population or release it into the
environment where  it can never be recalled.
Jeffery Smith is a leader in the anti-GMO movment. However he says he's not entirely against genetic engineering. He explains that there might be some potential benefit to the science, but that comes with a warning as well.

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