Have These Symptoms? You May Need Magnesium!

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Interviewer:  You touched on this a little bit, but what sort of conditions
may stem from a magnesium deficiency? What might happen down the road?

Max Motyka:  Most commonly is metabolic syndrome, which is going to be things like hypertension, heart disease, not being able to really utilize
your sugars properly, so you're going to have problems with your glucose metabolism for sure. Cramps, you'll notice you'll start to get leg cramps and muscle cramps. The other thing that we have found is that low intake of magnesium over time, which is basically a lot of Americans, is going to lead to a low inflammatory condition throughout your body, which is going to give rise to all of these other problems I just mentioned. Because magnesium, there's an enzyme that's involved which allows your body to take the essential fatty acids and convert them to prostaglandins and things like that, which are involved in anti-inflammatory activity. And when you don't, if you're not able to, with the delta-6 desaturase, seven desaturase enzymes, convert these amino acids to these forms that are prostaglandins, which are critical to fighting inflammation, you could get a wide variety of problems stemming from that, including arthritic problems, you know.

What are some of the more common signs of a magnesium deficiency? Max Motyka discusses the more common as well as why magnesium is so important for many functions. He also describes how magnesium works to combat inflammation which in itself, could be a trigger for many different conditions.

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