He Saved His Father But Doctors Lied About Death

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Dr. Farley:   My father was diagnosed withmultiple myeloma, which is a cancer of the bone. And it has a very, very, verylow cure rate. And he and I were estranged, and my wife received a call fromhis wife and asked if I would come and see him before he died. He'd been givena week or less to live. And so I went and saw him. And I as a child remember myfather as this muscular Marine, Native American, great fisherman, great hunter,and he weighed 70 pounds. 


And I looked at him and I said, "I tell youwhat, Dad. If you'll stop taking the chemotherapy, I'll see what I can do tohelp you. You've got to hang in there another ten days. I'll get something toyou within five."  And he said, "If I stop taking the chemotherapyI'll lose my veteran benefit, my medical benefit" which is true. If youare taking...if you are under the care of a physician in the military and youdo not do what they tell you to do, even if you're far retired, you lose yourbenefits. Well, he was taking his at home, and I said, "Flush it down thetoilet." And he did.


And I went home - it was about a three-hourdrive - and went to work. And did all the research on multiple myeloma I couldfind. And I went 24 hours straight. When I was done, I understood. And then Istarted putting together herbs to counteract every facet of it I could find. Icalled up a friend that was vice president of a supplement company and said,"I need you to get these for me." He said, "When do you needthem?" I said, "Tomorrow." He said, "It's four in theafternoon!" I said, "Yeah, I need them tomorrow. My father'sdying." 


The son of a gun came through. He must havedriven all night, all over the state to collect everything I needed, but he wasthere the next day before noon, handed them to me, said, "I don't knowwhat you're going to make, but it's going to taste terrible." I said,"I know it." I made what I was going to make, drove to my father's. 


By then it had been four days, so I was a dayahead. I said, "I want you to start drinking an ounce of this four times aday." And he drank the first ounce, and he was a vodka drinker and Ifigured if you could drink straight vodka you could drink anything, right? Hedrank it and he said, "This is the worst-tasting stuff I have ever tasted."I said, "Yeah, me too". I thought the same thing.


His wife passed years before he did. He came tolive with us, and seven years later he was having heart problems and I knew acardiologist and I said, "Do you want to . . .?" He said, "Iwant to get it checked" and I said, "Well, all right". So hehad an angioplasty done. 


The doctor didn't finish, so he left the cathin. Well, when they were transferring my father from the gurney to the bed,they popped the end of the cath off. So the next morning when we went in to seehim, he had completely bled out on the bed. He'd lost probably half of hisblood volume and immediately went into renal failure, and died from renalfailure about four days later. Cause of death:  cancer.

Inerviewer: After seven years?

After seven years. Because hospitals willprotect their own.



Dr. Michael Farley opens up about the heartbreaking story of his father's death. After being told he had just a short time to live, Dr. Farley's father accepted the help of his son, who went out on his own to find a natural cancer treatment. Listen to how the story ends tragically years later!

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