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Being genetically predisposed for heart disease does not mean it’s a certainty that it will affect you… intact there is more information showing there is something you can do about it.

Research out of the United Kingdom is showing more benefits for exercise for people with a genetic predisposition for heart disease.  The results showed that those with an intermediate genetic risk for heart disease and who had the greatest grip strength… had a 36 percent less chance of developing heart disease.  Those who had a high genetic risk and who had high levels of cardiorespitory fitness saw a 49 percent lower risk of heart disease and 60 percent lower risk of atrial fibrillation.

The lead author cautioned the study is not a prescription for a specific type or amount of exercise… but it was simply designed to establish trends.

And of course getting that exercise means you have to take an active role in your health… something another study showed… many people might pass on.

The study out of Connecticut asked respondents to imagine they had high blood pressure… and then were asked about their willingness to choose any of four treatments to gain an extra month, year or five years of life.  The options were a daily cup of tea, exercise, pills or injections.  79 percent chose the pill for an extra month of life… 90 percent for an extra year.  The numbers were nearly identical for drinking a daily cup of tea.  Injections were the choice of 68 percent for an extra month… and 85 percent for an extra year.

Finally… exercise came in with 63 percent choosing that for an extra month… but 84 percent for an extra year of life.

Finally there may be another treatment option for people suffering from COPD.

A recent study out of China compared traditional pulmonary rehabilitation and Tai Chi.  Tai Chi is an ancient martial art that uses stretching, breathing and coordinated movement.  The study tracked 120 patients with COPD who had never used a bronchodilator.  The patients were split into two groups.. one assigned to traditional pulmonary rehab… the other to Tai Chi.  Early in the study both groups saw similar improvements… but after 12 weeks… there was a significant difference favoring the Tai Chi group.

Reducing symptoms of COPD can improve quality of life… and Tai Chi may be a low-cost therapy option compared to the often high cost of many medications.

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In this week's look at headlines in natural health, find out how people with a predisposition for heart disease are improving their odds of maintaining heart health. Also learn about a natural treatment for COPD that has shown promise and saves money!

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