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Dr. Bob DeMaria:  Hello, my name is doctor Bob DeMaria.  And today I want to talk to you about aging and slowing the aging process down.  

It seems that even 20 year olds are thinking about slowing the process down, and there are lots of different opinions.  I want you to know, I am nearly 60 years old, and I've been taking care of myself, as soon as I figured out what you needed to do.  So I'm going to give you the hidden doctor Bob anti-aging secrets.

This is a sponge.  In the human body, the sponge are your lungs.  Do you know what?  You're really as old as your lungs are.  I'm sure you've never heard that before.  In our practice, we have a device called a spirometer that we can tell someone how old their lungs are.  You see, if you're 25 years old and you've been smoking, I have found that people 25, could have the lungs of an 80 year old or a 100 year old person.  So if you smoke, I would encourage you to stop.  I used to smoke two packs of cigarettes and quit a long time ago.  So smoking can accelerate the aging process.  And just as a by the way, what we have found is B vitamins, especially niacinamide, helps promote the reduction of the desire for nicotine.  Very interesting, isn't it? 

We have so much to talk about for aging.  How do we help lung function?  I would like you to purchase a large ball.  I want you to fill the ball up with air and start laying backwards on it.  That's going to help your posture.  I want you to keep your head back, because when you keep your head back, when you lay back on that ball, 3 to 5 minutes every day, that's going to help improve posture alignment which is going to allow your lungs to expand even better, and that's going to put more oxygen into the rest of your body.  

This is coconut oil.  I use two tablespoons of coconut oil every day.  Coconut oil is going to be excellent, it helps promote optimal skin and hair function.  I have even read that coconut oil helps promote optimal brain function.  And I know you want that, don't you?

You know what helps skin?  Carrots.  I eat one medium carrot every day.  Carrots have the precursors for vitamin A, and your liver is the storehouse for vitamins A, D, E and K.  So your skin is going look and feel radiant just by adding that medium carrot every day.

An excellent source of vitamin C.  Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.  Bell peppers, red, yellow or orange bell peppers.  Great source of vitamin C.

Let me give you a few drugless action steps.  What I want you to do, is first, eat a medium carrot every day.  I want you to work on your posture.  Your posture is very important.  And I'd like you to get some vegetables.  This happens to be something that I eat every day.  This is a medium carrot, a red apple, a half of a red apple, some radishes, several small tomatoes are in here also, and celery, a stalk of celery.  Eating those whole foods will help promote optimal function.  I'm doctor Bob DeMaria, the Drugless Doctor.



Dr. Bob DeMaria discusses aging in this video. He mentions some things you can do to help slow the aging process. He also talks about supporting certain organs that might be taxed more than others, and how that can help slow the aging process.

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