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Interviewer: So if you could give somebody a piece of advice, what's the key to get that world record longevity?

Dr. Nick Delgado, PhD, CHT: I think that I've enumerated several areas that are gems that I think people can just take and say This is an absolute. You know, somehow I talk to people and say 'You know? I get to better run a lever through midnight?' And I say "Why?". They say "Well, you know, I'm busy watching television or doing my computer work." I say "well, what if you were to go to bed a little earlier? 8:00, 8:30, 9:00 o'clock or so. Do you realize that optimal hormones are produced somewhere between 8:30 at night til about 4:00 in the morning. So if you're going to bed at 12:00, you're body's missing that special slice of natural production of hormones and you can never quite catch up." And a lot of my clients say "Yes, Yes. I noticed. Even though I get 8 hours of sleep, 12 midnight to 8:00 in the morning, I just don't quite feel right, you know? My body isn't quite rejuvenated." And the countries that live the longest, 30% longer, take a siesta in the afternoon.

So get to bed a little bit earlier, you know? Wake up refreshed. Do a little exercise fresh in the morning, outdoors in the daylight. Get that fresh food into the body without separated oils. Eat the whole superfoods, like soak the nuts and seeds because you want to remove the anti-enzyme properties and restore the enzymes live in that food. So live begets live. Live food is very important.

Jack Lalane once said "Look. I don't eat packaged foods. Anything in containers tells me it's processed." So everything fresh and whole and natural. So I take a juicer and I juice greens in the morning. I put that as the base of my vitamix with whole nutrients, with sweet potatoes, raw sweet potatoes, napa cabbage, bok choi and then I put in superfoods. I created a product called SlimBlend and Protein Plus and Stem cells strong and organic dynamo. So I put in like over 100 different ingredients of these whole super nutrients and a scoop of this, a scoop of this, a scoop of this and some whole food and juiced greens and blend that up and drink that down in the morning, you know, 30 to 60 oz of whole super energy. 

I mean, I got to tell you, after 7 days of doing this, you just won't know what hit you. You think I just took the most amazing drug that's ever been developed. It's called life and energy. And you feel good, you look good, you know. You just come on every day, you're just looking forward to a little bit better, a little bit better. Your exercise gets better. You're stronger, more fit. Your hormones come together. 

so I think you really have to pay attention to, you know, understanding how the mind operates and opening up to that love signal. Be more loving in your life. Notice the beautiful sunrise and the sunset. Hug your kids. Send a note. Maybe they're on Tweeting or they're on Facebook or they're on whatever, but communicate with them. If they like to text you, text them back, right? Take them to the [??]. Go to the park. I think that we just got to get back to nature. we got to take care of our body and our mind. And it's great to work but no one's going to remember that the last hour they put in that late at night working when they could have got to bed earlier and maybe the most creative times Einstein and some of the greats, you know. They talk about that stillness in between where they just kind of like took a nap and they woke up and they came up with the answer. 

The brain is miraculous and we just have to depend on not be so anxietous. Anxiety's about some worry in the future that you don't know what's going to happen. Well, you know what's happening right now. You can perform right now. You can be the best you can right now. You don't care about what happened in the past. The past gives you history but there's nothing to worry about the past or to blame or to be hurtful or angry. Not that these emotions don't crop up and in the past but observe them and let them go. Don't be a judge of yourself either. Don't be so hard on yourself. Pat yourself on the back. Compliment the kids around your, the adults, the co-workers. We all go to battle everyday and sometimes this could be a tough day but it's a lot funner if you're going to battle with a smile. You know you're going to come out and you're going to give it your best. Then put your head down to sleep and wake up the next morning ready to go because you know you're blessed. You got love in your heart and that's what you got to do.
Dr. Nick Delgado has a goal to break the longevity record. But how do you go about living a longer, healthier life? Dr. Delgado discusses a number of keys he has found to living a longer and more vibrant life.

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