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The popularity of higher protein diets may be having a negative effect on a certain group of people.

New research followed more than 2 thousand middle aged men… from ages 42 to 60 over an average of 22 years.  334 cases of heart failure were noted during the study.  70 percent of the protein consumed was from animal sources… just over 25 percent was from plants.  Higher intake of protein from most protein sources was associated with a slightly higher risk of heart failure.  

Only protein from fish and eggs were not associated with heart failure risk according to the study.

Vitamin D levels could play a big role in a successful pregnancy in women who previously suffered a pregnancy loss.

Recent research showed that vitamin D may play a protective role in pregnancy… according to the lead investigator.  The research involved about 12 hundred women, and found that insufficient blood vitamin D levels, defined as below 30 nanogram per milliliter.  The study looked at women with a history of pregnancy loss.  Women with sufficient vitamin D levels before conception were 10 percent more likely to conceive and 15 percent more likely to have a live birth.

The author indicated more research was needed to determine whether adding vitamin D to at-risk women could increase their chances of pregnancy and live birth.

Most of us know that regular exercise is a key part of overall health… but now there’s new evidence of how important it is for your brain

Many health groups suggest 150 minutes of moderate to intense activity a week for adults… but that’s been suggested for cardiovascular health.  Now a new study out of Miami looked at exercise’s affect on the brain by looking at data from more than 11 thousand older people.  Results indicated that people who exercised about52 hours over a 6 month period showed the biggest improvements in thinking and speed tests.  On averaged… people exercised about an hour… three times a week.

The lead researcher said that 52 hours isn’t some magic number, but that there’s more of a range and that longer exposure to exercise may be a key.

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A new warning for those of you on the many popular high protein diets. Also learn about new research connecting vitamin D and pregnancy. It's especially of note for those who have suffered a pregnancy loss. And learn what new research is showing about the amount of exercise you get and your brain health!

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