How to Adopt an Anti-Cancer Lifestyle

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Interviewer: When we talk about diet, how can people make a change before cancer. I know your book deals a lot with people that have cancer. What about the preventative side?

Helayne Waldman: Well, actually, the book is really a book about prevention. It's about recurrence prevention by title, but really it's a book about cancer prevention. I think the key I have found with my own clients is that you can't expect it to happen overnight. You know, if you're coming from, you know, where are we now, we're in Universal City. I mean if we were in San Diego we couldn't expect to get here in five second. So, you know, you have to take steps and that's where working with a practitioner can be very, very helpful because they can kind of help you move from, you know, from A to Z in a progression that's going to make sense and that's going to be something that you can live with for the rest of your life because our approach is not, you know... you go on this diet and then you're done with it.

Interviewer: Right.

Helayne Waldman: You know, it's not like a weight-loss diet. You do the diet, then you're over. It's not like that. It's a lifestyle. It's the way you live your life and you're going to have to, if you want to adopt that anti-cancer lifestyle, you have to change permanently and that's not easy to do, but it's certainly very doable. You just have to do it in steps and stages, be patient with yourself, set up a system of goals and rewards. Again, and work with somebody if you need to to help you get there.
Nutritionist Helayne Waldman is co-author of a book about cancer and nutrition. Here she discusses the preventative side of cancer and how it takes not just a change in diet, but a change in lifestyle as well.

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