How to Break Sugar Addiction!

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Scott: You... we've mentioned... you've talked about the SHINE protocol a number of times.  In the book you talk about sleep being as being a... certainly a key part of breaking that sugar addiction.  Talk about the connection there, and how proper sleep, quality and quantity, can help you get off sugar.

Jacob Teitelbaum: Well, there's a number of things.  One, the obvious one is energy.  You don't get enough sleep, you're tired.  But the... there's a couple hidden things with that too.  If you don't have enough sleep, you're going to be immune suppressed.  And if you're immune suppressed, you're going to get candida overgrowth, which is type three sugar addiction.  And the way you diagnose that... nasal congestion, post nasal drip, clearing your throat a lot.  Or gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation.  What's called irritable bowel syndrome.  Those are usually coming from candida overgrowth.  And the candida, basically they eat sugar.  They live by fermentation, which means taking sugar and... they eat those.  So they've developed a way to signal you to sugar crave.

Now how do you tell the difference between that versus type two, which is adrenal fatigue.  Well, in type two you're going to get feed me now or I'll kill you moments thing, you know getting between a momma bear and a Twinkie, to mix metaphors we were talking about before.  But with the infections it's what I call the happy ho-ho hunter.  You're just going through the cabinets and something sweet would be good.  

So when you don't get your sleep, your immune system goes down, you get candida overgrowth, and all of a sudden, you're sugar craving.  And then pain as well.  Don't get enough sleep, you're going to be in pain.  And that becomes a means of self-soothing. 


So many of us are craving sugar, but it can be for different reasons that we may not even recognize. Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum discusses sugar craving and what you can do to curb that addiction. Find out what sleep can do to help and how that connects to a number of other functions that all tie together. Find out how to break sugar addiction!

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