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Scott: You touched on this I think a little bit. And you mentioned inflammation but in your experience, what are some of the causes of cancer?

Dr. Charles Majors: So, any time you create an inflammatory reaction to a cell over and over and over and damage it... let's say you're smoking. We'll, we know, everybody knows there's not a person on earth that doesn't know if you smoke enough times you increase your risk of lung cancer. Why? Because smoke gets into the lungs, creates damage to those cells, stops oxygen from getting in and those cells can turn into cancer. Any damage over and over and over will create the body... the normal cells convert into a different cell. Transition over. Just like, on my hand, on this hand here, I don't have many calluses at all here. But if I go start working out every day, every single day and I damage this skin, damage this skin, damage this skin, eventually, and everybody can see there, I have calluses. Is my body dumb or did it do that for a reason? It did it for a reason. Why did my skin become harder? These are different cells. These are not the same cells as right here. They're different cells. My body, because I'm damaging my skin, damaging my skin, damaging my skin, my body knows to move into a different layer of protection. These cells are harder because if you're going to keep damaging them and damaging them and damaging them, my body has to transition, or change over into a different cell.

That's what cancer is. You damage the cell enough, damage it enough, damage it enough, it starts moving from one cell type to the next cell type to the next cell type to finally you have cancer.

Another explanation. Everybody says the sun causes cancer. And it could, it's not the sun, it's the burning of the sun. If I kept burning, so if I burn my skin and it blisters and I do that nonstop, burn my skin, burn my skin, burn my skin. And then, I begin to put on all these toxic lotions and I'm putting lotions on, using soaps and I keep putting toxins here, toxins here. My immune system is attacking it creating what? Inflammation. So have an immune system attacking it creating inflammation, I have the sun beating down, creating inflammation. So now what's going to happen? That skin is eventually going to turn into, the normal cells say 'listen, I can't survive in this environment you're putting me under'. But guess which cells can? Cancer cells.


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Dr. Charles Majors shares his thoughts on how cancer may form. Find out what he says happens at the cellular level when those cells are damaged or exposed to toxins. Are cells really going out of control or switching to a different layer of protection?

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