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Q: You're the co-founder of Club Essentia in Miami. Can you explain a little bit what are some of the services you offer there?

A: Yeah. Club Essentia is kind of a dream I had when I was in medical school. I was fortunate enough to have won Mr. USA in 2008 and 10, which kind of put me in a different demographic for a little bit, which, you know, Oscars, fashion weeks, Formula Ones. I mean, you name it, celebrity-type people, CEOs, all that kind of stuff, which kind of led me to see that these kind of people wanted something to do with medicine. There's always, like, no one wants to go to the doctor's office and sit there in the waiting room. Nobody does. I don't, and I'm a physician, OK? So I've kind of found that out, you know, what they wanted more was lifestyle enhancement, whether it's better sex, better energy, better play, you know, play sports more often or whatever it may be, that kind of harbored in my mind, sat there and sat there, and through different things I did when I first graduated, I came to the point where I was able to actually become associated with such a prestiged hotel such as the Delano Hotel, Miami Beach, so I've had the opportunity to take over the penthouse of it, for the spa. With that, I've kind of created like a lifestyle medicine- type niche, which we... It's a membership-based setup, so people can come in, and my whole thing is, you know, we want to make sure that whoever is actually going to become a member wants to actually get better and, you know, feel better about themselves, not just join because of interesting parties or people who might be there. Because if they don't have a plan to get better, in a lot of respects they basically become a bad business [card], if you will. Speaking businesswise, medical-wise, I want people more motivated about their health. So with that, we also do offer, you know, (?) come in, we do hormones. We do fat loss. I do hyperbarics. I do all the IV nutrition, which is kind of unique. I do the IV boosters, which we have 44 different types of them, ranging from sexual enhancement to mental clarity, to what I call liquid nirvana, which kind of makes you feel groovy, if you will. That's how I say it. hair, skin, nails, and everything in between. On top of that, I also do aesthetic medicine, which I term radiant medicine, because the ability to improve somebody's aesthetics makes them much more radiant and vibrant. So we do the Botox fillers. I do hair removal, body contour and skin tightening as well. And then we have everything coupled with the aspect of spas as well. And we've created some really unique partnerships around Miami Beach. And, you know, we've set up cosmetic parties and all kinds of fun stuff, so it's nice to have a lifestyle medicine-type for it.

Q: And we're here with A4M, the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. You've been involved in that recently. Talk about what you do fits into the anti-aging or longevity paradigm that they talk about here.

A: Yeah. I mean, the A4M is absolutely fantastic. I'm super happy to be here, let alone be associated with, speaking for them, but the kind of lifestyle medicine I'm kind of promoting and, you know, helping some patients achieve kind of ties in with theirs is because, you know, anti-aging is great, but I mean, you want to make sure you get the lifestyle that you want to live longer. OK. Because if you have a mediocre lifestyle, what's the point of, you know, I mean, dragging it out? Jokingly speaking, but again, you know, it's all about, I always, you know, I term it quality of life. You know, it's all about your quality of life. If you don't feel good waking up, if you're tired all the time, if you don't have good sex, if you don't have good nutrition, all that kind of stuff feeds into an overall mind-body-spirit type triangle, if you will. Being an osteopathic physician, that kind of supports the actual, you know, tagline for our profession. So what I do is basically give people the chance to have a better lifestyle. And therefore, doing that is everything tied in here, whether it's hormone optimization or weight loss. Everything that is taught here is kind of my banner. At the same time, this is kind of more of a lifestyle-type niche for it, so it's great to be associated with it. I mean, they're an amazing organization. So far it's going very well.


Dr. Ivan Rusilko discusses his practice, Club Essentia, in Miami and some of the services it offers. He also discusses how those services tie into the anti-aging lifestyle.

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