How To Find the Right Alternative Cancer Therapy

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Interviewer: In your research you looked at a lot of alternative treatments as well, and there's a ton out there.

Tamara St. John: Yeah.

Interviewer: How do you know which ones might work?

Tamara St. John: Everybody is different. So, I tried what God led me to in the beginning, which was Budwig.

Interviewer: Can you explain that process too before we go on? What does that entail?

Tamara St. John: Yeah. It's flaxseed oil and cottage cheese. So, it's emulsified together. Dr. Joanna Budwig, she was a biochemist and a pharmacologist and also a doctor. And she found that when you emulsify flax oil and cottage cheese, it creates a sulphurated protein which actually penetrates the cancer cell wall and delivers oxygen to the cancer cell. And it also provides the body with, you know, the flax oil, the omega threes that are lacking. So, and then utilizing that with sunlight afterwards actually helps with the energy. It's like a biochemistry thing, but it works really well for most cancers. And she was actually saving people, you know, thousands of people when they were on their deathbed. The doctors sent them home to die. They no longer ate. She was actually giving that treatment to them in an enema to where it healed them enough to where now they were able to eat. And then she could give the protocol to them, you know, by mouth. And it was working. So it's saving people, you know, from death. And it worked pretty immediately with me, maybe because I had never had chemo or radiation, anything like that. So, I don't know, it was really receptive with me.

Interviewer: Does it depend on where the cancer is at, do you think? In your body and what type you have?

Tamara St. John: Well yeah. It depends on which type you have. There is a list that I have in my book of, you know, the different types of cancer that it works the best for. And of course you have to eat a certain way because with Budwig there's a lot of contradiction therapies. And see what happens is a lot of people are so scared, you know, when you have cancer, you know? I mean, naturally so, that you're searching the internet for everything you can and you start trying everything. And the problem with this is why a lot of people will die from cancer when they're doing alternative is they're doing a lot of contradictory therapies. And I've seen this happen with people where they'll try, you know Budwig with an oxygenated therapy at the same time. And Budwig strictly, you know, forbids that because she says it doesn't, they don't mesh well together. So if you're doing these two, it could actually send you to your deathbed quicker. So, it was amazing the biochemistry of everything and how it works. So it was really pretty fascinating. Yeah, I've read through medical journals, everything else, to kind of put it all together and tie it all together.

Interviewer: How many alternative treatments did you try?

Tamara St. John: I had only, I had done the Budwig.

Interviewer: Okay.

Tamara St. John: I had done apricot kernels, the juicing, detoxification obviously, coffee enemas. I did wheatgrass - didn't really do much for me. And I did some essiac (?). 

Interviewer: Did you see any results from all of those? Or what did you notice?

Tamara St. John: Well, what I notice is when you do too many treatments at once, because I experimented on my body all the time. I'm still experimenting. I always have like at least six experiments going on in my body at the same time. What I noticed is, when you combine all of these treatments at once, because like I would get up in the morning and I would do, you know, my pineapple, well the enzymes for bromolene. I would do the pineapple. I would do the Budwig protocol. I would do a glass of green juice, and I would do my apricot kernels within an hour before I'd go out hiking. Well what happened when I started doing that was within ten minutes of doing all of those, all of a sudden I would start sweating profusely and I would have to run to the bathroom and I'd be vomiting violently and then have diarrhea. And after about the third day of doing this, I finally figured out it was detoxing my body of the cancer too fast. And so when I started to actually spread out the treatments throughout the day, then the detoxification was slower and I didn't have those problems anymore. But I've seen that happen, because I do consultations as well, and I do see that with a lot of the cancer patients that when they are detoxing too fast they will get dizzy. They'll get the [unknown] reaction as well and they'll be vomiting or diarrhea and not feel well. So I tell them to spread out their therapies.

There are so many alternative treatments for cancer available. How do you know what might be the most beneficial and what combination might do more harm? Cancer survivor Tamara St. John discusses alternative treatments and has some important tips before you try one.

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