How to Improve Your Hair, Skin and Nails Naturally!

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Dr Bob DeMaria: Hello, my name is Doctor Bob DeMaria and today, we're going to talk about healthy skin, hair and nails. And let me tell you, I know because look at bodies all day long, people are concerned about how their skin looks. Let me tell you the basics.

From what I have found from my experience is that the liver, which happens to be the oil filter has so much to do with skin health. And whether you be an 8 year old child or a 70 year old adult, and we're seeing more by the way, adult acne patients come into our practice right now. We like to focus on optimal liver health and it's really, really simple. One of the items that we actually promote is milk thistle. I personally take milk thistle. Milk thistle promotes optimal liver health, which in turn, can help your hair, skin and nails and actually even varicose veins and spider veins.

Now, what I see is we want that liver to function optimally. So let food be your medicine and medicine be your food. What I'd like you to really focus on is Dr. Bob's ABC's. Don't you just love it? A half a red apple every day. A third cup of beet fiber, now you can do this beet a couple different ways. You could grate organic raw beet on your salad. It is very yummy by the way. Or you can bake them. You can just cut the ends off, the greens are really excellent. But I bake them at 400 degrees for an hour. I cut the beets in half, I put some sea salt on them, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. You cook them until they're fork tender. And finally, the medium carrot. Carrots are precursors for vitamin A. And we know that the liver, which is the storehouse for vitamin A, D, E and K, the liver helps process all the unwanted chemicals in your body so your skin doesn't have to be used to dump toxins.

I want you to make sure that you're drinking enough water because water helps purify the system also. This happens to be a SWAP bag in a plastic bowl. I eat this bag every day. It has a half a red apple in it and it has a medium carrot and some celery. I want you to make sure that you're eating fresh vegetables every day and add that half a red apple. I'd also like to make sure you're aware of radishes. Now some of you might have digestive distress with radishes. That's a body signal to me that your liver is not functioning optimally. Once your liver clears up, radishes won't bother you anymore.

Do you have large pores on your face? What I've found from my experience is it might be a need for zinc. Zinc is found in pumpkin seeds and zinc helps promote optimal healing to your body. And make sure you're getting yourself a source of vitamin C. Red, yellow or orange bell peppers are a natural way to get vitamin C, but vitamin promotes connective tissue strength.

Let me give you some drugless action steps. You want to drink water from a pure source. Water helps promote colon function. Eat those apple, beets and carrots every day, they're going to go a long way to helping improve liver function. And finally, minimize or eliminate dairy, you heard that right! I have found that dairy can create adult onset acne!

I'm doctor Bob DeMaria, the Drugless Doctor!


Dr. Bob DeMaria explains why, for some people, hair, skin and nails don't always look how we would like. Here, he has some tips on how to help them look and function better as you age.

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