How Much Does Your Doctor Make Off Cancer Drugs? You Don't Want to Know

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Q: Ty, that story that you talked about with thecancer patient getting radiation immediately. You've said there iscancer in our body everyday. Why is the traditional treatment of chemo andradiation so immediate? Once you get the diagnosis, "We've got to startright away with treatments. We have got to start chemo right away." 

Ty: Whyare they so...?  Cause that is when the revenue stream begins.That's exactly why. There's no doubt about that. Because Dr. Patrick Quillinwas talking earlier today. I don't think he was... we were talkingprivately about this. But he said you know, we can talk about pathology of cancer.There's fifty shades of gray. And so, you need to look at things over aperiod of time to properly diagnose and see what is going on in theperson's body. So we have a cancer diagnosis and immediately you start thetreatment. The motive must be something ulterior than actually treating thatcancer effectively, because you don't really know how the cancer is progressinguntil you do multiple exams.

So, if you get one exam that is cancer-positiveand you begin chemo the next day, because they are going to die if youdon't, number one, you have no way of diagnosing the length of time betweenwhen that cancer will be terminal because you have taken a snapshot intime. You haven't looked at it over a period of time. You haven't looked atthe different shades of gray. So there must be another motive. Whatcould that be?

Well, I don't know if you are aware of this, butchemotherapy doctors make a commission on the sales of chemotherapy drugs.They actually buy it wholesale. They're able to buy it wholesale andthen they mark it up. So a cancer patient that pays $50,000 for onechemotherapy shot, which is not unheard of today. As a matter of fact, I haveheard up to $70,000 for one chemo shot. That doctor may have purchased thatahead of time for five thousand and just made sixty five thousanddollars on one injection. I don't know what the markup is, but sometimes itis several thousand percent over what they purchased it for.

So, what's the reason? Number one, we have beenbrainwashed into thinking that is the treatment. Number two, follow themoney.



Once you're diagnosed with cancer, many doctors will advise to start treatment immediately. Why? The cancer has likely been there for a long period of time, but cancer researcher Ty Bollinger says the reason for immediate treatment is simple!

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