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Interviewer: Doctor, we've talked about toxicity, and I think everybody is to some level toxic. What can we do in terms of detoxifying? Are there somesafer alternatives or methods?

Patrick Quillin, PhD, RD, CNS: Good point. There's very exotic ways of detoxifying. Chelation therapy, you go to your doctor and get an intravenous injection of DMPS, or something. But the basics are the most important. You start with a daily bowel movement. This is where, I think, most of the toxins get congested in the human body. So, regularity, through high fiber, through adequate plant food intake. Plenty of water intake. Clean water. We look at the synergism between these toxins, and what you find is that one plus one in toxins doesn't equal two. It equals 500. So they amplify each other's toxicity.

Regularity. Clean water. Filtered water. I'm not a big fan of bottled water. What you're doing is getting all this BPA. Bisphenol A is a contaminant in most soft plastics. And, so, you think of the 20 billion water bottles that are thrown into our dumpsite after the person drank the water that had some of the BPA residue in it. Drink clean water, out of glass or stainless steel.

And then we start talking about the basics. Sweating. The largest organ in the human body is the skin. Sweating on a daily basis excretes many of these toxins. And then we start thinking, "Well, don't take them in. Breathe clean air." If you live in a highly contaminated area, maybe it's time to move.

So detoxification doesn't have to be as exotic as this list of Chinese herbs, which can be useful. And there are some herbs that are extremely valuable. Some of the mushroom extracts that are very useful as detoxifying agents. But the basics are simple.



Most of us face toxins on a daily basis. And often those toxins will build up in the body. Dr. Patrick Quillin discusses some of the basics of trying to rid your body of those toxins. Find out what some of the more simple ways of detoxing are. This is how to start detoxifying before you move on to more complicated methods!

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