How You Can Protect Kids from Wi-Fi and EMFs

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Scott: We mentioned something you can do when you're in a hotel like this where there's wi-fi everywhere.  But kids these days, are in schools that are fitted with wi-fi and many schools are giving kids their open personal tablets to use, so we talk about the dangers at night, being in the bedroom.  It's the same for the kids where they're at school for eight hours a day and, and, what can the kids do when they're in those kinds of environments, to protect themselves?

Dr. Elizabeth Plourde: Well, we now have, child's bracelets, child's bracelets that have this technology on them and they're small for their wrists.  So they can wear that.  They can bring, um, if the ipad is not theirs alone, they can bring one of our smart dots and just place it on it while they're using it and then take it back home.  So they, rather than affix it to the instrument.  And so, and that, those dots, actually change the radiation from being harmful to the body.  The manufacturers call it intraining(?).  It trains that radiation into a frequency that's compatible with our human energy field.  So it brings it in, it's called phi, p-h-i, the Greek letter phi, which is a golden ratio number that is compatible for us, very energizing for us.  So it's taking something harmful and changing it into something that's helpful and life enhancing.  So it's, it's very different technology.  So they can get these dots for their kids to wear them.  

I've been amazed at the changes I've seen.  And there's no doubt about their brains.  Their brains are much more susceptible to damage.  I'm very concerned.  Their skulls are thinner, they have more fluid, they have more rapidly dividing DNA because they're growing.  And all of that, more susceptible to damage from the radiation.  And much less able to repair.  In the book I have a picture of a rat brain that was only exposed for two hours to one cell phone.  And there's holes on the blood-brain barrier that were there two months later.  Which means that it never repaired.  And they chose the equivalent of a teenager, in human years because they know that, that's more susceptible to damage and less able to repair and absolutely the proof in these lab animals.  Very, very concerned.

I've heard from parents who have had to take their kids out because their kids are so sick, that the kids can't be in these classroom situations.  We've really got to wake up to this.  I've tried in my local school boards to get them to not have these and they just say 'well, they've got to be connected to the world.'  Well, you know, and it destroys the cells in the brain connected to memory.  There's no doubt, the hippocampus, these memory cells are dead!  Just dead!  So that's the Alzheimer's that we've seen since the beginning of electricity.  They've coined it digital dementia in our kids because they're having trouble with memory.  And they're identifying it, it's from all their games that they've been on.  So, and we've even got a quote in the new edition of the book where teachers are saying kids can't remember lines for school plays anymore.  So kids are losing their memory, there's just no doubt about it.


Dr. Elizabeth Plourde discusses the dangers little kids face when exposed to radiation such as wi-fi and electromagnetic radiation. They face more than ever in schools and in the home. How does it affect a small child and what can be done to protect them. Find out in this video.

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