If Your Doctor Does This, Find Another Doctor!

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Scott: Let me ask you a personal question Gwen.  When you go to the doctor now or a family member goes to the doctor with condition 'A', and they say, the doctor says this prescription will help you.  How do you react?  And do you take that, do you have the family member take it?  What should we do if we get prescribed something?

Gwen Olsen: Well, what I tell people is you know, doctors like to talk over your heads so that you don't ask a lot of questions so that they are the authoritarian.  So I always say if you think you have a problem, do your own due diligence before you go into the physicians office so that you can have an intellectual conversation with your provider and you can team up in your care.  Because you have a responsibility, nobody knows your body or your health better than you.  Ok?  And if necessary, push back!  Say no!  Tell them you want another alternative.  Ask for alternatives.  And if they don't know that information, find another doctor!  Because they aren't well balanced in their information and what you're getting is pharma marketing information.  And that will tell you whether or not you want to listen exclusively to what that person says or whether you want to take their advice and do your own investigation and then make an informed decision.  

If I go into a doctors office, which I rarely do, by the way.  I see a chiropractor on a regular basis, on a weekly basis.  And I handle almost any kind of ailment that I have naturally and with nutrition.  And the reason that I do that is because I almost died a couple of times from taking pharmaceuticals.  I have adverse events.  I'm predisposed because I have a defective cytochrome P-450 enzyme system, which is... about 10 percent of the population does, by the way, which is the enzyme system that metabolizes the vast majority of pharmaceuticals.  So they build up in my system and I have adverse events, as we found out did my niece.  

So I always say to people to do their own due diligence and if I go in and I see a physician with my husband or one of my family members or one of my friends, I make them explain everything until they are irritated with me, generally.  And I ask every question that I could possibly have on my mind, because this is my health.  I can take one pill, I can do one thing, one procedure that can destroy the rest of my life.  I'm paying for that gentleman or that woman's time and I deserve to get what information that they have.  So do you. 


Gwen Olsen is a former pharmaceutical drug sales rep. She offers advice on what you should do and ask when you see a physician. If that doctor is quick to prescribe a drug, she has advice on that as well. Find out when you might want to consider switching physicians, according to Gwen!

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