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Welcome to iHealthTube and a look at what’s making news in natural health this week…

Do you get enough vitamin D and how might it affect your mental health?

A new study in Europe found a significant association between the two… scientists tested vitamin D levels in over 200 patients who were also being treated for psychotic disorders… and another 159 patients who were well… the study found a significant connection between low vitamin D levels and higher levels of negative symptoms and of depression among the people with psychosis.

For more on Vitamin D… check out the video here on the right…

Do you drink soda?  A recent study in Sweden indicated people who drink at least two (200 milliliter) sodas… either containing sugar or artificial sweeteners, were twice as likely to develop type 2 diabetes as well as form of type 1 diabetes known as latent autoimmune diabetes of adults.  

The study also found adults who consumed 5 - 200 milliliter servings of soft drinks had a 10 times greater risk of type 2 diabetes.

And outside of cutting soda… one way to help improve your chances of not getting type two diabetes might be calorie restriction.

A study out of North Carolina compared a group of adults who were assigned a progressive resistance training program, with a group that practice the same program plus calorie restriction.    The resistance training alone did not amount to any weight loss, while the calorie restriction group lost an average of 6 percent body weight and reduced fat around the abdomen.

That’s this week’s look at natural health news on iHealthtube-dot-com.


Get the latest news from the natural health world this week! Learn about a recent study that connects vitamin D levels and mental health. Also find out more about the connection between soft drinks and diabetes as well as the potential benefits of calorie restriciton

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