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Scott:You've mentioned, in some of your lectures, you've talked about candida.  What is that and why is that a problem?

Prof. Tullio Simoncini: Because candida is a fungus.  This is a problem.  Candida's species, there are 20 species, or pathogens for the human being.  Candida is, we call it candida, but all the fungi in the human body are candida.  Because every... every fungus that can attack the human body is a candida.  They differ 2, 3 percent.  For instance, aspergillus is a candida variance. Tinea capitis is candida variance, because the package of genes of the candida is the same as the other fungi.  Sorry, if some extra terrestrial comes here and looks at the stealer at the robber.  One robber is white, one robber is black, one robber is yellow.  So they call him one white, one African and one Asian.  It seems that they are different, but they are the same, they are just different for very small difference.

So if you say aspergillum, parapsilosis, tinea, candida, candida albicans, (?), it seems we speak about many, many types of fungi.  They are the same.  If you want to categorize, categorization helps the memory.  But don't, doesn't visualize the reality, they are all the same.


Dr. Tullio Simoncini discusses candida and other fungus in this video. Fine out what they have in common and why they are very similar.

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