Know the Truth About Cancer and an Alkaline Diet

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Scott: One of the things that popped out in your book is you said some cancers are alkaline.  A lot of people we talk to say a cancer can't live in an alkaline environment and then stress an alkaline type diet for people as well.  What kind of cancers are alkaline.

Dr. Charles Majors: Well, they're wrong.  If that was... because God didn't create us severely alkaline and God didn't create us in an acid, right?  He created us in homeostasis, which is slightly alkaline.  Too alkaline is still above, right, too acidic is wrong.  So the cancer cell itself, absolutely is acidic.  Remember it's, it's fermenting lactic acid.  So it brings in sugar and ferments lactic acid.  So, absolutely.  The outer layer of every single cancer cell in your body is acid.  That's why the immune system, when the immune system recognizes, even though the brain recognizes cancer, it will send that white blood cell there, it will send an immunity there.  A lot of times the immunity can't even get into there to kill the cell because of all the acid.  So when someone says to you that cancer's acidic, the cancer cell's acidic, but not the environment necessarily is acidic.  At the time I believed that as well so what do you think I was, for probably seven years?  Highly alkaline.  I would check it, I was checking it in urine.  I would check it all the time in saliva.  It was like blue on those things because I was so alkaline.  Still ended up with cancer.  Why?  Because it's not about alkaline or acidity, it's about homeostasis.  That we have to get it at that slightly alkaline.  Drinking alkaline water is not going to alkalize your body.  It's not how God created us.  If you go into nature, where are you going to find alkaline water at 10 point 0?  It's not created.  You might find it somewhere where a mineral got in there, but it's very rare.  Our water needs to be slightly alkaline.



Many theories suggest an alkaline diet to help prevent or treat cancer, since it's generally very acidic. Find out why Dr. Charles Majors says that's just 'wrong'. Also find out why and what the body needs to be instead to promote optimal healing.

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