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The ever growing exposure to chemicals in our environment is showing a connection to brain development disorders in our kids according to a recent review done in France.

The review looked at documented exposures of pregnant women and children to chemicals that are known to disrupt thyroid hormones.  These hormones are essential for normal brain development in fetuses and young children.  The review found a plausible link to the exposure of these chemicals and an increase in neurodevelopmental conditions including autism and ADHD.  

These chemicals are often found in things like pesticides, cosmetics the manufacture of prescription drugs and plastics.

You’ve probably heard about the health benefits of omega-3 fatty acid, but how much do you know about omega-6 fatty acids?

Well, a recent study in Finland is indicating they can help protect you against premature death while supporting cardiovascular health.  The study was done on nearly 25 hundred men with an average follow up of 22 years.  Researchers found the risk of premature death was 43 percent lower in the group with the highest linoleic level in their blood.  Linoleic acid is the most common omega-6 fatty acid.

Linoleic blood levels are determined by a person’s diet… the main sources of these omega-6s are vegetable oils, plant-based spreads and nuts and seeds.

Finally getting your healthy fats from plants compared to the same fats from animal sources appears to be a healthier option.

A recent study out of Boston looked at sources of mono-unsaturated fatty acids from plants and animals. Plant sources include olive oil, avocados and many seeds and nuts.  Animal sources are full fat dairy, eggs, poultry, red meats and fish.  The study looked at about 90 thousand men and women.  During an average 22 year follow-up, researchers say a 16 percent lower risk of death from any cause in those with a higher intake of mono-unsaturated fatty acids from plants.  Also, those who had a higher intake from animals… had a 21 percent higher risk of death from any cause.  

The study did rely on self reporting… but the lead author said it still highlights the importance of source and quality of mono-unsaturated fats in the diet.

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