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Interviewer: You have a book titled "Healing Foods". How much is nutrition
you think still overlooked when it comes to overall health especially in
light of what talked about. The prescription drugs growing so much in this

Dr. Murray: Yeah. Yeah. I think people still don't make the connection that
you really are what you eat. That's an old saying but it just doesn't sink
in to enough people. The food that we consume determines how our body works
and what our body is composed of.

We want to feed it good, high quality nutrition. And when we look at what
people are suffering from, the health conditions, they're largely related
to nutritional choices. We can make choices that are going to increase our
risk for developing diabetes, heart disease, cancer, strokes, macular
degeneration, depression, you name it.

On the flip side there are dietary choices that we can make that can
prevent all those conditions and many more. We have this tendency to make
decisions based upon immediate need. Not really thinking things through. So
one of the things that I tell people, if they want to live a better life
they have to plan a little bit more. And they need to take time to plan out
what they're going to eat. It's a very important part of their life. Many
times people don't think about it until they get hungry and then they're
driven by other factors.

Interviewer: Sure.

Dr. Murray: That are going to generally point them in the wrong direction.
Why is nutrition still largely overlooked when it comes to overall health? Dr. Michael Murray explains how nutrition and food are such a crucial part of health and why poor choices can often lead to the many health conditions people suffer from.

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