Many of These Conditions Can Be Linked to Gluten!

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Scott: When we're talking about gluten, a lot of people are giving it up just because it's 'the thing' to do.  But how would somebody know if they really have a problem with it?  What are some of the signs?

Dr. Bob DeMaria: Well, if you have chronic pain in your body, that you've tried everything that it doesn't go away and you have and have a passion for fast food restaurants that have bread, if you love Italian food... I would just suggest for two weeks, you're going to know in two weeks, you stay away from all gluten products, including rye, wheat, oat and barley, and caramel in soda, and your symptoms start to go away, chances are you have a gluten sensitivity.

I had one individual, I know this is going to sound really interesting, but one of her complaints to me was that her rectum bothered her, it itched.  So I went all the possibilities, so one of them is gluten.  Just avoid gluten for a week.  And she came in and was like happier than happy, because her colon didn't bother her anymore.  So if you have something that's really bizarre, and nobody's been able to find the answer for it and you're tired of taking antihistamines, go gluten free.  It will do your body good. 

Scott: When we talk about gluten, is there a connection with the thyroid?  And can  you discuss that and what happens.

Dr. Bob: Well, it's really fascinating with gluten and the thyroid gland.  See gluten itself, interrupts the absorption of nutrients into the body.  And I have a seen a large amount of individuals come into our practice now, that have been told they have a condition called Hashimoto's.  Hashimoto's is an autoimmune problem.  Most of these people love to eat gluten-based foods.  So what I suggest to our practice members that have subpar thyroid function, get off of gluten.  Whether it's Hashimoto's... so Hashimoto's is autoimmune, subpar thyroid or hypothyroid is separate, but they kind of work hand-in-hand with each other.  Many thyroid issues can be directly linked to amount of gluten products that someone is consuming.

Stay away... everybody... anybody watching this right now, just go gluten free for three weeks.  And if you start to notice differences in your body, give it three months.  Deviate a little bit, see how your body responds.  Runny nose, maybe sweating a little bit more, little bit more irritation in your body.  Everybody's body is going to respond a little bit different.


Is gluten just the newest 'thing' in health or is there really something to it? Dr. Bob DeMaria, the Drugless Doctor, discusses the role gluten can play in the body and what kind of health challenges it could lead to. Do you have signs that gluten is hard on your body? How do you know? Dr. Bob discusses this as well. Find out if many of these conditions can be linked to gluten!

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