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Scott: Are there things that people could do in addition to take BonOlive to enhance the effect to make sure they are turning around their situation in terms of their bone health?

Sam Posseniers, PhD: There are of course a number of different important aspects, first of all, its very important to get sufficient exercise is an important aspect, if you don't use your bones your body will not make bones, so exercise is a very important aspect. 

Other aspects are BonOlive supports the formation of bones, but the formation of bones can only occur if you deliver sufficient building blocks. People should take sufficient calcium, should have sufficient levels of Vitamin D in order to absorb the calcium and to get the calcium into the bones where the Osteoblasts can turn it into actual bone. It's important to have a healthy diet which has a good source of calcium, to have sufficient amount of Vitamin D, you can supplement your body with Vitamin D, but ultimately you have to support the body in using these building blocks and putting them into a bone structure.
Dr. Sam Possemiers discusses using BonOlive but also how you can help maximize it's effect as a bone support supplement. There are a number of things you can do to make sure you keep bone strength as you age.

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