Microwaves Damage Food, But Something Worse Revealed at 1:05 of This Video

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Tom: Another thing that modern society has brought us is the microwave oven.  And so if cooking by itself doesn't necessarily kill prana, kill the prana, what about microwaves?

Mark Vinick:  Cooking over a slow, lower heat, over longer period of time, allows us to assimilate the prana.  Microwaves cook violently in a very short period of time.  And they cook the food from the inside out.  And the way they do it, what they do is they vibrate, they actually... it's more than vibrate, they explode the molecules in the food against one another with such tremendous force that it generates such friction, that it cooks it from the inside out.  

I personally don't own a microwave, but if you buy... an oven, in the instruction booklet they say after cooking the food, let it sit for a minute or two before eating it.  And they don't say why.  Common sense would say, oh it's too hot.  And that's part of it.  The other factor is when those molecules of food are exploding into one another, it damages the molecules and you get free radicals.  And after a couple of minutes, many of those free radicals find their way back and become paired.  And so they don't do us damage.

Free radicals have been implicated in the cause of all the degenerative changes, degenerative diseases in the body.  So I don't recommend microwave cooking.  Ayurveda recommends cooking over a fire, preferably wood.  That's not very practical, so a gas fire is useful.  Microwave, is the least useful, because of the damage.  Once or twice, not really, you know, not going to do much damage, but doing it over year in and year out, it's going to destroy the prana.  A person's going to become depleted and it will show up physically in early degenerative changes.  It will show up mentally because the prana's a life force and the mind won't be nourished by the soma that's in the food so it will tend to dry up even more than we do in old age and produce psychological anxiety and worry and fear... insomnia, those type of conditions.  So you really want to avoid a microwave as much as possible.

Tom: Very, very interesting, thank you.

Vinick: You're welcome.




Dr. Mark Vinick explains how microwave ovens damage the food you're about to eat by cooking it violently and damaging the molecules in the food. Find out how that can directly affect your overall health!

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