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Interviewer: Let's talk about Cognisetin a little bit.

Puya Yazdi, M.D.: Okay.

Interviewer: That's a product with Fisetin in it. What sets that product apart from maybe others that are meant for the same health benefits?

Puya Yazdi, M.D.: Well one of the things as I understand, it is one of the only products out on the market, and maybe it's the only product on the market that has Fisetin in high concentration in the product. We're talking about, roughly the dose we recommend for Cognisetin, roughly 50-125 mg per day would give you enough antioxidant, give you more than half of the amount of flavonoids and antioxidants total you would need.

Interviewer: Okay.

Puya Yazdi, M.D.: So it's a very strong and concentrated Fisetin product that is roughly at the concentrations you would need extrapolated from the basic science research articles.
So typically something that happens is that people will publish a research article in which they give a certain dose and they'll figure out the effects. But a lot of the products on the market don't actually have the dose used in the research article. It's expense reasons and so on.

Interviewer: Mm-hmm.

Puya Yazdi, M.D.: That's one of the things - if you're trying to get the same dose, equivalent dose to you that they were using in these research articles, you would have to eat a lot of strawberries. So it's not very feasible. But because we're able to get this concentrated, we have created a dosing regimen that is directly extrapolated from the actual doses used in the research articles. We now have a product on the market in which the science backing it isn't just a science of getting stuff published, but is a science that actually is backing the same amount of doses that we recommend for people to take.

Dr. Puya Yazdi discusses Cognesetin, a product with a high concentration of fisetin in it. He discusses the benefits and what sets that product apart from other cognition supplements.

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