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Interviewer: We're told to eat a balanced diet. Doctors tell us that all the time. Eat well. How to we even know what that is? It seems like the recommendations change from year to year.

Sally Fallon Morell: Yeah. I know. Some people think that means a balance between junk food and real food. I think a balanced diet is one with the balance of fat and carbohydrate and protein. And we recommend a diet that's fairly low in protein. You definitely need the animal proteins. It has a moderate amount of carbohydrates, but its high in fat. And that's where we differ from so many of these other dietary schemes or ideas out there.

Interviewer: Fruits and vegetables?

Sally Fallon Morell: Oh, yeah. Fruits and vegetables are part of our diet, grains, dairy, meat, seafood. We like to be inclusive. We don't like to be an organization saying you can't, you can't, you shouldn't do this, and don't do this. You end up with a diet that's very restrictive and ends up being kind of a fetish.

We like to say you can. You can include all of these things in your diet. You need to prepare them properly. And you need to have good digestion. And we tell people what to do to have good digestion.

Interviewer: What is that?

Sally Fallon Morell: Well for one thing you need to include bone broth in your diet. The gelatin rich bone broths are very healing to the digestive tract. The grains which are extremely hard to digest, the hardest foods we eat, to digest, need to be carefully prepared by soaking or fermentation.

Most vegetables should be cooked. I know that's a surprise, but most vegetables are hard for humans to digest, and they need to be cooked. Cooking breaks down the fiber, breaks down the cellulose, and liberates the minerals in the vegetables.
What exactly is a balanced diet anyway? Here, Sally Fallon Morell, president of the Weston A. Price Foundation, discusses a balanced diet from the foundation's point of view. It may differ from what you've heard in the past in terms of fat and animal protein!

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