Most Aging Conditions Are Caused By This–And It's Preventable!

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Scott: One of the things you're speaking on here this week is care for older people, those over 60.  Are some of the conditions that we attribute to 'old age' actually, maybe preventable?

Dr. Walter Crinnion: Oh, gosh yes.  And I say that because I've been working with patients as long as I have.  You know, the changes that we call aging, for the most part, are all caused by oxidative damage.  So, you know... macular degeneration, good gravy, that's oxidative damage to the back of the eyes.  Well, what's your exposure to pro oxidants during your lifetime and your lifestyle, sugar this other stuff, toxicants in the home.  What's your amount of antioxidants that you've been taking that will work in the eye?

So.. and this profession is a great example.  You can go through and see... this profession ages very, very well.  With just a few exceptions.  You'll see people here that, you just are amazed at their age and their lack of health problems.  

You would have a tough time going through a crowd here finding docs from the age of 50 on up.  50 to 60 to 70, that are on any blood pressure meds, any blood sugar meds, any lipid meds.  They don't have these illnesses.  They don't.  So there's a lot to be said for natural medicine.  And it is... it's ability to help people retain their vitality.  I mean I've had so many... these chronic illnesses just go away, when I treat them in my patients.  You know, spontaneous remissions as the MDs call it, because they don't believe these things go away.  But they do!


Can many conditions that we typically associate with age, be prevented or eliminated? Dr. Walter Crinnion says that this is the case and mentions a couple of conditions specifically. This video was shot at a naturopathic doctor convention. He refers to that at the end. Listen to what he says about the average doctor at that convention. Find out why most aging conditions are caused by this. And it's preventable!

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