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Interviewer:You know doctor, we hear so much about antioxidants, whether through food orthrough supplements. How do you, how does a person keep track and decide, Ok, this is what I need to do, I need to go down this path, or this path, or this path?

Dr. DonColbert: Right, well there's lots of good antioxidants and, again, our food contains a lot you know, like the berries, the blueberries, the pine bark, the grape seed extract, the CoQ10, the alpha lipoic acid, the vitamin C, the vitamin E, all the others but, the master antioxidant, the reason they call it the master antioxidant is it can literally recycle all the other antioxidants and including itself and they can be used over and over and over and over again. That's why the most important antioxidant is the antioxidant inside ourselves which is glutathione. 

You say why is it so important? It's very simple. We have about 60 trillion cells and glutathione protects every component inside yourself including your mitochondria, where your energy is produced. The ribosomes, the nuclear membrane, so that if it can clinch free radicals reactions, if it can clean the cell's interior of free metals and toxins outside the cells, the mitochondria are going to function optimally. It can literally prevent mutations, damage to the nuclear member, which when you get damage to the nuclear membrane, eventually these substances, these chemicals, toxins get into the nucleus and they can damage and transform the nucleus and the genes and mutate the genes and this is a reaction that goes on everyday in our bodies. 

The good news is glutathione is able to quench the free radicals, detoxify the chemicals as well as the toxins and heavy metals that mutate the genes and chromosomes and it's able, the vitamin D, provided we take adequate amounts of Vitamin D, is able to repair the mutated genes and chromosomes. That's why it's the master antioxidant because it's inside the cell it's working inside the cell to protect ourselves from all the damaging effects of the free radicals and the toxins inside the cell.


Dr. Don Colbert clears up some antioxidant confusion. He discusses what he calls the 'most important antioxidant' and explains why that is the case. Find out cellular health and how this antioxidant is so much better and different than others you might be familiar with.

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