The Most Important Aspect of Balancing Hormones

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Interviewer: In your experience and the results you've seen, what's the best way to rebalance hormones?

Dr. David Zava: Well I can tell you, hormones are important for helping to rebalance but if you don't improve your life style, I don't care how many hormones you take.  It's just not going to work.  You've got to make a commitment to eating right.  You've got to make a commitment to exercise.  You've got a commitment to getting rid of the things in your life that cause stress.  I know you've probably talked to some people about that, but you've got to make those commitments.  You've got to whatever is creating that imbalance you've got to realize you're just not going to fix it with hormones.  Hormones are going to help.  It's like testosterone.  You can't take testosterone without exercising. You've got to make your muscles work.  You can't just expect, "I'm going to take testosterone and I'm going to feel wonderful." Yeah, you'll feel better, but it's not going to make you physically healthier just by doing that.  You've got to exercise.  You've got to eat right.  I'd say those are number one, number two is eat right and exercise, so get rid of the junk in your diet  not every single day.  You can still have ice cream.  You can still have your chocolate desert every now and then, but you shouldn't do it all the time.  And eat smaller portions of things. That's, for me and my commitment, that's what I've done and it's hard. That's the hardest thing  you know, because I love food.  I love to eat, you know, and I love to  if I can lay in bed as opposed to getting up and exercising on those special days when you're really tired, it's just easier, but you've got to commit yourself to doing that. 

Dr. David Zava discusses hormone balancing and the top two things you need to do to accomplish that. Believe it or not, those top two things don't even involve hormones themselves! Find out what you can do to help get yourself back in balance.

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