The Most Important Concepts for Being Well!

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Interviewer:  Doctor if you just sit a few seconds with a stranger in an elevator, that had wanted some advice. What do you give in just a minute or so?

Dr. Jamie Wright:  I'm on the elevator with Susie and she looks at my badge and she says, "Oh, you're a speaker here. I heard of that." I want to convey to her what I think is the most important concept for her future health and well being is. Helping her to understand that number one, it's normal to be well not sick. Number two just eat food. Eat whole, raw, natural state, minimally cooked food. More and more of the time. Try to reduce and eliminate the sugar, and the flour, and the fructose, and the oil. If she started there, many good things will come after that. 

I might also throw in make sure you sleep seven or eight hours a night or more. Have a stress reduction discipline or a self pure discipline. For me, that's yoga, but it can be many things. It's not hard to be well. You just can't live like an American.
Dr. Jamie Wright lists his most important concepts for anyone's health and well being. He simplifies the most important foods and ones to stay away from as well as a couple more important things to do!

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