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Interviewer: Talk about some of the more natural therapiesfor cancer and ones that certainly aren't mainstream, but in your researchthat you found to be effective.

Ty M. Bollinger: Sure. The best treatment that Ihave come across in 15 years of research is a treatment called Life One. Now,Life One is not marketed as a cancer treatment. It's marketed as an immunestimulant. But what have we talked about? Cancer treatments that are goodcancer treatments, they are immune stimulants. Because that's how you curecancer, is to get your immune system back to where it can fight the cancernaturally. So we've already established that you can't cure cancer with drugs.You have to cure cancer with something that gets your body back to where itshould have been before you got the cancer. And so that's what Life One does.It's a combination of eight or nine really potent natural herbs in a liposomalbase, which is a fat base that allows your digestive tract not to eat up thegood stuff before it gets into your immune system, basically is kind of asynopsis of the way it works. It's a fantastic cancer treatment. It's notmarketed as a cancer treatment, it's just an immune stimulant, but me and myfamily take it every day. Helps to mitigate the effects of the radiation that we'regetting, because no matter what you hear on the mainstream news, Fukushima'sstill going. And so we're still getting radiation from Fukushima, Japan in theUnited States. It's still blowing across the oceans and over top of us. Andso we take that every day because of that, and also just to keep ourimmune systems healthy. But that treatment is an amazing cancer treatment. Butit's marketed as an herbal supplement. And that's the thing, see, you're notallowed to, in 2011 in the United States of America, you're not allowed to tellthe truth about products, because the FDA regulates them. And so if you were tocome out and say "this is a cancer cure" but it's not regulated, it'snot approved by the FDA, you'll be shut down. You can't tell the truth. Itreminds me of a story about 10 years ago, that the FDA sent cease and desistletters to cherry growers. The cherry growers and cherry manufacturers, theyhad products that were cherry-based. They had links on their websites tomedicinal studies like PubMed and so on, of the effects that cherries have onarthritis. Because they contain a substance called "anthocyanins"which is basically anti-inflammatory. And that's what a lot of theanti-inflammatory drugs are based on these. They start with them and then tweakthem and patent them and sell them at 6000 percent markup. But anyway, thecherries contain them naturally. So these cherry growers had these cherryproducts that help with arthritis were linking through to medical studies thatwere done, and the FDA said, "what you're doing is making illegalclaims". And they weren't making claims about anything, they just hadlinks to the studies. And they said, "you've got to take the links to thestudies off of your website". Welcome to the land of the free and the homeof the brave, man. Okay, you can't even have links to medicinal studies if yougrow cherries. Why? Because cherries aren't approved. And if you have some kindof a claim on your website, God forbid that you say cherries will help you withyour arthritis. I mean, you're going to really injure people if they believethat, right? I mean, you're a danger to society if you say that cherries aregoing to help you with your arthritis, which they will. Because I know manypeople that take cherries. It's a product called CherryFlex. Cherry extract.And they don't have any issues with arthritis any more, because they take thisextract. It works. But if you make that claim, somehow those cherries become,they transmutate into a drug. And so now the FDA governs those drugs, and youhaven't gotten approval by the FDA to sell your drugs, so you're going to getshut down. It's not a free country. It just has the appearance of being a freecountry when it comes to health. So that's one. The Life One's agreat treatment. Marijuana's a great treatment for cancer. Hemp. Not smokingit, but the hemp oil that contains the THC, which is a cancer fighter. And it'salso the thing that gets you high if you smoke it. But National Institutes ofHealth, back in 1971 or '72, did a study at University of Virginia MedicalCenter, and they were trying to prove that marijuana hemp causes cancer.Problem with their study is that they showed that in three or fourdifferent kinds of cancer it actually cures. So they buried the study, didn'tspread it to anybody. They didn't want that information getting out, becauselike the Flexner report, the predetermined outcome of that was to show that potcauses cancer so there's another reason for the war on drugs, which is a farce,by the way. However, the studies showed that, the scientists that did itactually, I guess they didn't get that memo. And so it came out, and theyreleased the report that cancer is actually, four types of cancer arecured by the hemp oil, or the THC in the hemp. So they buried that study. Andthen since that time there have been studies in Japan, Sweden, Norway, allacross the world, even in, actually Harvard Medical School in 2007 did astudy on hemp and showed that it kills three or four different kinds of cancers.It causes cancer cells to commit apoptosis, which is just a fancy word for celldeath. It's a program that the cells die periodically and it causes cancercells to kill themselves. Okay, so there have been numerous studies on hemp,the way that it kills cancer. But why? Why is pot illegal now? Because ofRandolph Hearst and, who was the other guy? back in the 1940s. Hemp oil wassold in pharmacies until the 1930s. And then see hemp's probably the mostversatile plant on earth. You can make rope from it, you can make clothes fromit, you can use it in... it's the best paper source. As a matter of fact, Ithink that one acre of hemp plant will create more paper than 10 acres oftrees. Hemp is the best source of... as a matter of fact the Declaration ofIndependence's written on hemp. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, they grewhemp. Abraham Lincoln... it's a great oil. The candles that they used backin Lincoln's day, it was hemp oil. It's so versatile there are actually over300 uses for hemp. And it was sold in pharmacies until the 1940s, but it beganto cut into the profits of big pharmaceutical companies because people wereusing it medicinally, and it also was cutting into the profit of RandolphHearst, who owned paper, newspaper companies across the country. And so... buthe not only owned the newspapers, he owned the timber. So it was cutting intohis profits. So again, you look back. What's the reason for all this? It'sall about the bottom line, it's all about money. So that's why hemp was initiallyoutlawed. And then they came out with that absurd movie, Reefer Madness, wherepeople that smoked pot go out and rape women and kill people. Okay, thatdidn't happen. It doesn't happen. I know guys in college that used to smokepot, okay? All they do is they sit back and eat a bag of Doritos and watch TV.They didn't do anything. They never committed any crimes. And I knew lots ofguys. And not one guy do I know that used to smoke pot that ever committed acrime. They just eat. And that's why hemp's so good for cancer patients,because not only does it kill the cancer, but it also gives the patients anappetite if they're able to smoke it. Because smoking it causes them toget the munchies, which is what pot smokers call it when you get hungry afteryou smoke. And so, cancer patients, a lot of times will die from what's called"cachexia" which is the wasting syndrome, when their body, they getso skinny they look like a Holocaust victim, you know, in the concentrationcamps, because they're not hungry. They can't hold down food. They're alwaysthrowing up. Well, pot causes you to get an appetite and also causes you to notthrow up. So cancer patients that are on medicinal marijuana are able to notonly start killing their cancer with the hemp, but they also get anappetite, and they no longer throw up. I mean it's a wonder drug for cancer butit's illegal, of course, in the United States.



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Medical researcher Ty Bollinger discusses some natural cancer treatments that he's found effective in his research. He also talks about why potential natural therapies get suppressed, including some that were used many years ago.

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