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How can sleep and even caffeine affect chronic pain?  You might be surprised what scientists in Boston recently found…

In a rigorous study done on mice… researchers learned that chronic sleep loss increases pain sensitivity.  That might not be a big surprise… but they also found that if the subjects did not get more sleep… promoting wakefulness with things like caffeine could offer relief.  Both approaches actually worked better than standard pain relief medications.  Those who suffer from chronic pain typically suffer from poor sleep and daytime fatigue… but researchers concluded that instead of taking painkillers, patients might benefit from better sleep habits or more daytime alertness to break the pain cycle.

More indications that cancer rates are linked to environment… A study out of the University of Illinois found that in the US… counties with the poorest quality in five areas… air, water, land, the built environment and sociodemographic had the highest incidence of cancer.

In the study… poor air quality and the built environment… like major highways, public transit and housing were most closely linked with high cancer rates… while surprisingly… water quality and land pollution had no measurable effect.

It’s hoped that the findings may help reduce cancer by creating policy to lower pollution in areas with high cancer rates…

And finally there’s more evidence of the health benefits of cinnamon.  According to an animal study presented to the American Heart Association… cinnamon may help lessen the risk of cardiovascular damage from a high-fat diet.

Cinnamon helps activate the body’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory systems and slows the fat-storing process according to the study…

In the study… researchers fed rats cinnamon supplements for 12 weeks along with a high fat diet… they found the rats weight less and had less belly fat and had more antioxidant and anti-inflammatory molecules than rats that did not receive cinnamon with their high-fat diets.

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The latest headlines in natural health includes hope for those that suffer from chronic pain, an interesting connection between the environment and cancer, and more health benefits discovered with the use of cinnamon!

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