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Scott: So I did some research on your, on, your website.  You had a recent article about the possible affects of statin drugs, which I thought was interesting.  Talk about those versus potential risks or what we see as risks with high cholesterol.

Dr. Patrick Quillin: The whole business with statin drugs is fascinating, because scientists have looked at cholesterol in the blood as being an evil force.  In fact, cholesterol is one of the most ubiquitous, meaning found everywhere, throughout the body.  One of the most ubiquitous molecules in the human body.  Most concentrated in the brain.  I'll come back to that. And so their theory is, elevated cholesterol:  we need to lower it with a drug.  And they do.  Statins definitely lower cholesterol.  However, what they do is interfere with the production of cholesterol, this HMG-CoA reductase pathway.  And in doing so, now they've shut down your body's ability to make one of the most essential substances you need.  

So cholesterol is a precursor for vitamin D.  How are you going to make it?  It's a precursor for the myelin sheath in the brain.  Literally two thirds of the brain is fat.  And most of that is cholesterol.  So what they have found with statin use, long-term statin use, is what's called global amnesia.  You don't know anything.  You not only forgot your name, you don't know where you're at.  So it's not just minor inconveniences.  The find... cholesterol is also involved in muscle strength.  So people have muscle weakness, memory loss and there are... there's competing studies looking at, is it really a value, given all the risks.  Because we now know that statins increase your risk, for diabetes, dramatically.  They do lower serum cholesterol, but are there better ways of doing this?

For instance, red yeast rice.  In mother nature, you take rice, put a yeast on it and let it ferment and the byproduct is a non-toxic, satin-like substance.  And so for about ten years, the people who made that supplement, battled it out with the drug companies in court, because the drug companies said we have a patent on statins.  And these people said 'nature made this first.'  And finally, eventually, I believe we're at a point where you can get this red yeast rice.  It has none of the side effects of statins and all of the benefits.  So my theme is, mother nature has given us this incredible pharmacy and we ignore it because we're only using patentable drugs, most of which have many hazardous side effects, including statins.


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Statin drugs do lower cholesterol, but at what cost? Dr. Patrick Quillin discusses what statins do and what the result often is of the lowering of cholesterol. He also offers another option for statin drugs. He talks about a natural substitute for statin drugs that doesn't have the dangerous side effects that statins do.

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