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Interviewer: So, we're here at the A4M, American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine. Talk about how your company fits into that and relates to maybe longevity or better quality of life as we age down the road.

Dr. Bradley Bush: Oh, absolutely. Just like anything, the body will age. And as it ages, it doesn't work as well. And the other part of it is your body, when you are older, is a result of everything that it experienced during its life. And I had many patients come to me when they retired. Women came to see me because later in life they found out they weren't remembering things as well. That they couldn't sleep as well. They were fatigued. And they wanted help that was in a non-prescription manner. So, we would look at their adrenal health. We would look at their neurotransmitters. We would help balance them out and make them feel better. It would prevent them from going on excessive HRT, or hormone therapies. It would help maximize the use of any hormones they might be taking or other supplements that they were taking. And it would address the root cause to a lot of their issues, memory issues, fatigue, etc. 

When they got better, they would then drag their husbands into see me. And one thing about men is, you know, men don't come unless their wife makes them come or they cut something off by accident. So, that's when they go see a doctor. And I saw many, many executives, very successful individuals, ex-professionals, ex-executives, who are now in the prime of their life, you know? They made their millions. They are retired. They're golfing. As they say, they don't have a care in the world anymore. Why should I be looked at? And after I tested them, I often showed, about 90 percent of the time, those people's neurotransmitters were rock bottom low, their adrenals were somewhat OK, but still not too well. And I would show that to them. And they're like, "No. I feel great. How can this be?" And I'd say, "You know what? You had a whole lifetime of stress. You internalized it. You had the genetic capability to actually tolerate it and thrive off of it." 

But, the piper must be paid. And at the end of the day, you will be in a bad situation when a major stresser happens. What happens if your wife dies? What kind of stress would that cause to you and what type of stress mechanisms do you have to actually handle that? What if you break your hip? How would you respond to that? Would you bottom out even further because, you know what, you have no neurotransmitters in reserve? When extra stress happens, you won't be able to handle it. And therefore, it's extremely important, later in life, regardless of whether you have symptoms or not, get an assessment of the nervous system to identify where you're at because a major stresser will happen. Whether it be an auto accident, a health crisis, someone that you know and love that passes on. Eventually, something like that challenges you and then it's what you have inside that allows you to combat that stress is what's going to keep you from falling into a bad situation or tolerate it and move on with your own life. And it's extremely important.

 In addition to that, remember as I said before, the nervous system runs the show. How can you have optimal health without an optimal nervous system? And I don't know about you, but my doctor, when I see them for a physical, they don't ask me, "Well, Dr. Bush, how is your nervous system?" They don't ask me that. They look at my cholesterol. They take my blood sugar levels. They do a chem screen. But, they never look at the nervous system. And it always amazed me. And it amazed our founder, Gottfried Kellermann. And that's why he has been pioneering these simple, easy urinary neurotransmitter tests to actually then get one more assessment of something so key and vital, and something that you could then, any imbalances you might find, you can then address with some simple solutions. 
Dr. Bradley Bush discusses the nervous system's role in anti-aging. Find out why it's something you should get checked throughout your life and what sort of things you might not be aware of!

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