New Information on Causes of Prostate Cancer

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Interviewer: Do we know some of the causes of prostate cancer?

Dr. Phranq D. Tamburri: Not complete, but there's a few and some of them off and are for most cancers; smoking, bad health, drinking and stress are the things that we know about. But, specifically to the prostate, one is hormones, we talked about the reason with hormones, but we think some men, for instance, might have a hormone imbalance. What we tend to find in men with prostate problems is that they have an imbalance of their sex hormone ratio. This is kind of new information that doctors are starting to see. They tend to have, ironically, low testosterone and high estradiol. So it's not just having low testosterone or having high estrogen, it's the spread, disparity between them. It's almost like the wider you spread your legs, the more unstable you become and you fall over. That's what the hormone system seems to be doing. So, in essence, that is how we're looking at a hormone cause.
Dr. Phranq Tamburri discusses some of the more commonly known causes of prostate cancer and cancer in general. But he also reveals some new information about the potential relationship between hormone levels and prostate cancer.

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