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Millions of men take aspirin daily to help reduce the risk of heart attack… but now a new report might be indicating a potential health concern with that.

A study out of Northwestern University reveals that men who take a once-daily aspirin have nearly double the risk of melanoma compared to those not taking aspirin.  The lead author cautioned against giving up the aspirin routine for heart health, but instead suggested increasing education about sun exposure.

The results were surprising… but one of the theories behind the findings is that males have a lower amount of protective enzymes compared to females.  That could result in more oxidative cellular damage which could contribute to the possibility of developing melanoma.

Walnuts have been known for a variety of health benefits… but now that list seems to be growing longer.

New research out of Illinois is showing the impact walnuts have on gut health could yield benefits in heart health and reducing colorectal cancer.  The findings showed that consuming walnuts not only benefited the healthy bacteria in the gut… but it also reduced LDL cholesterol levels in the adults in the study… which could be good news for heart and gastrointestinal health.

Participants in the study consumed up to 42 grams or about a third of a cup of walnuts for two three week periods.

Finally… those with type I diabetes may have another option when it comes to controlling blood sugar.

A new study out of Boston is showing benefits for those on very low carbohydrate diets.  Participants reported an average intake of 36 grams of carbohydrates or about 5 percent of total calories, significantly lower than the 45 percent of calories recommended by the American Diabetes Association.  Participants reported normal blood-sugar control and lower than average doses of insulin.  There are safety concerns for type I diabetes patients on very low carb diets, but in the study the rates of hospitalization for hypoglycemia and diabetic ketoacidosis were lower than those generally reported in type I diabetes populations.

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Men who take aspirin daily to help prevent heart attacks might be facing another health risk. Also learn about new potential benefits for a snack you might already be eating! Find out the latest on this and more in this week's headlines!

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