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Dr. Leonard Coldwell: Because, because the only cause for cancer in my opinion is mental and emotional stress. Then of course, everybody has a different body structure, everybody has a different form of will power, everybody has a different form of energy level of wanting to live. If you have no motivation anymore . . .see the main killer, is lack of hope, it's the main stressor and the main killer. So, for the medical profession to say to somebody, 'you have six months to live', is a death sentence out of a lot of reasons. And if they like their doctors, they just die because they like their doctor and do not want to disappoint their doctor. And it sounds funny, but it's not, it's the truth. And the horrible thing in all of this is that the medical profession gives these definite answers, you know, there is no cure, there is no help or there is no study done on that. No we don't need studies on things that work, you know, we just need common sense, my godmother did it and it worked but you do not need to make a study on it, okay? And we use it with everybody else and it still works. So, the medical profession is basically trying to keep a grip on their customers and making sure that colloidal silver, silver hydrosol, all these elements will just kill microbes easily or 35% food grade hyrdrogen peroxide or MMS curing AIDS, the HIV virus in days. What do you think, how they cured Michael, Magic Johnson? You know, and it costs pennies, you know, I mean pennies. There's the cure for everything out there, you just need to research it enough. That's why they want to cut down the internet threads, so that there's nothing really left. 
Scott: So how do we find out which cure might be right for us if it varies so much?
Dr. Leonard Coldwell: The easiest way is to get my book, 'The Only Answer to Cancer' for this specific reason: The experience of 35 years of identifying your individual root cause is in there. So if you do not, or have somebody help you that's trained by me or educated by me, to identify your root cause, it can be two root causes. It can be the mental and emotional one, the stress cause, but also the physical one, if you're heavily obese and you are highly toxic, highly acidic, of course, you have a physical impact. So you need to find out, why do I overeat? What leads me to all these negative habits like smoking and even if I know it's not good for me and so on. We do everything for a reason. This reason needs to be identified and eliminated, or replaced with something healthy or good in the physical world. But in the mental and emotional world, when you identify that your job, even in these economic bad times is the cause of your cancer or your illness, you have to get out of this job in a safe way, look for something else while you still have that job. But the second you change your mental state already, looking for a different job, in my experience, people already get healthier. 
Scott: Sure.
Dr. Leonard Coldwell: So, just this little step can do a lot. So, there's absolutely no way to prevent or eliminate cancer without eliminating the root cause and I speak today at 3:00 about this, because the root cause of cancer is always mental and emotional stress. It's always lack of energy. There is no other cause for any form of illness than lack of energy, absolutely not. And stress, mental and emotional stress, is the main cause of lack of energy. But the main thing is denying yourself, the main root cause that I identify for cancer is, denying yourself to be the way you feel you should be. And we are trained to behave in a certain way, 'don't say that, don't behave that way, don't laugh that loud, don't smile that often', and so on. So we are cut back in us, so they slice off a little bit of us with all these limitations they put on us and that's where the real problem starts. So, no hope will kill, but denying yourself to be yourself, that will definitely murder you. There's absolutely no way out of that. If you don't live yourself, and that's what we do in the instinct based medical system, we help the person to identify who they truly are, why they really want to live, what they want to live for and then help them to create action plans and goals that leads them back to themselves not to become a new person, no no, you just need to become the person you're supposed to be and you're healthy, happy and successful, just believe me.
Dr. Leonard Coldwell explains what he sees as the main causes for cancer and the main cause for death. He also talks about the differences in treatments for cancer, based on each individual.

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