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Buying organic can often cost more at the grocery store… and is it worth it?  A new study published this week is indicating it is!

The study done in France in almost 70 thousand French adults showed a significant reduction in the risk of cancer among those who ate the most organic food.  Those who ate the most organic food were 25 percent less likely to develop cancer.  They were also 73 percent less likely to develop non-Hodgkin lymphoma and 21 percent less likely to develop post-menopausal breast cancer.

The authors also noted those who ate low to medium quality diets still saw a reduced risk of cancer if they stuck to organic food.

There is more information out this week showing the damage of a high-stress lifestyle.

A study done in Texas is indicating a high stress life could lead to memory loss and brain shrinkage before the age of 50.  The study monitored cortisol levels and MRI brain scans in more than 2 thousand people with no signs of dementia.  Cortisol is a key stress hormone.  After about 8 years of initial testing the study found people with the highest levels of cortisol had the most memory loss.  

The higher cortisol also was linked to more damage to parts of the brain as well as smaller total brain volume.

Finally… it probably comes as no surprise… but new research is showing that people with better cardiorespiratory fitness tend to live longer.

The research covered more than 100 thousand patients over a 13 year period at the Cleveland Clinic.  The study found that increased cardiorespiratory fitness was directly linked to reduced long-term mortality.  And extreme aerobic fitness was linked to the greater benefit… especially in patients 70 and older.

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