Paleo Diet Is Best–But Avoid These Five Foods

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Interviewer: Can you explain the Paleo diet, or the one that you were talking about exactly? What does that constitute of?


Dr. Vladimir Gordin: Whatever hunters and gatherers were hunting and gathering. It's a very simple thing. I wrote a book about it from a historical perspective. I have my DVD lecture series on the same subject because sometimes, you know, every patient I have to explain things. It's easier to give them a DVD so they're not going to bother me. And I can actually work without talking. But it works in a very simple way. Good meats, good fats. Meat consists of seafood, any kind of animal protein, any kind of poultry. Is it easy enough to get in the United States? I think it is. Try to be as clean as possible, okay? If you can afford organic, that's the best. Vegetables, all of them. Obviously, less the starchy ones. More green leafy vegetables. Whatever grows in nature. Fruits, seasonal ones. You know, one of the biggest issues in the United States, we have summer in the refrigerator 365 days a year. Constantly. Human body never rests from fructose. Sometimes it needs to rest. And we're overloading our kids and adults and they're having too much. You need to understand, have understanding, and moderation. Okay? So, that's what Paleo diet is. I always give me patient a wonderful metaphor. Imagine you're a caveman. In the morning you're coming out from your bedroom like your cave with a spear. Come to the refrigerator. Eat what you kill, okay? With some vegetables, of course. And the important thing is, I'm not saying you need to eat meat. I'm saying you need to eat vegetables with meat, not meat with vegetables. There's a big difference. Like usually men, steak, about yeah big, and two poor orphaned broccolis on the side. It doesn't work that way. You're going to do more damage than good in the long run. You're supposed to have good portion of the healthy green stuff or green vegetables with a portion of meat on top. That's where your body is going to receive what it needs to build and clean itself. Again, I'm not a fanatic. If it's your birthday, have a chocolate cake. Kind of makes sense? And then on the other hand, I call it five fingers of life and five fingers of death. Things which agriculture gave us, kind of way for the last couple of thousand years, few thousand years, like 10,000 years give or take. Too much grains, too much refined sugar, dairy (especially bad quality), corn, and soy products. Those things need to be avoided, especially if you want to do more good than damage. Alright? Can you eat those things sometimes? It's your choice. If you're a strong person, again, if you really feel like you want that, I don't know, sour cream on your cabbage rolls and you're strong like a buffalo, I mean why not? Enjoy. Have a wonderful meal. But you know, eating a bucket of sour cream every day (nobody does that), you need to know moderation. But people sometimes are overloading themselves in the wrong direction.


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Learn about the basics and some of the misconceptions of the Paleo diet. Find out what Dr. Vladimir Gordin recommends and what he says that most people eat to much of and to try and avoid. He also talks about moderation being a key! Learn why he says the paleo diet is best, but also to avoid these five foods!

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