Permanent Correction Through Chiropractic Care

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Interviewer: We hear other chiropractors, and you're a chiropractor, correct?

Dr. Vladimir Gordin: Yes.

Interviewer: They look in your spine. Here's where you're off a little bit. If you come in twice a week we can probably have this corrected in a year or.

Dr. Vladimir Gordin: Maybe twice a week for that. Absolutely. Usually, there's chiropractors who look only on one side of the triangle. Just the structural. [inaudible 00:00:22]. Here's a little example for you. I can align you the best way I can possibly can. I'm really good at that. Okay?. I can probably say that. I'm really good. I can align you.

But, if after that you're going to go have a couple of beers. White bread. Sugar filled smoothie with some artificial stuff. And you're also stressed out because you're car got damaged, for example.

Your spine will be off the rack. So it's going to be like a target war. Here, there. Here, there.

You come in. You feel, 24 hours maybe two, three days, better, then it's all coming back. If you're not going to fix other things, if you're not going to help patient stabilize the chemistry, from inside and outside, and stabilize their emotional load, it's going to be, again, you're not going to get the results. Right now in the United States people getting wiser. For your money, you want results. Ask for them.

I'm a strong believer of permanent correction. Again, you fix the person. You educated them. Spine's supposed to hold. And I can prove it to anyone who's willing to see it.

If you go to a chiropractor, do you have to make regular visits to stay adjusted and healthy? Dr. Vladimir Gordin says 'no'. Here he discusses how chiropractic care can permanently fix problems, as long as the patient does their part as well.

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