Potential Stroke Benefit With Xanthohumol

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Okay, it also bears repeating that the Xanthohumol tends to help the body
normalize blood sugar levels and body insulin levels. It also has a
protective effect on the nervous system. They've actually done model
strokes under laboratory conditions and shown that Xanthohumol actually
mitigated the damage or reduced the damage caused by strokes. So it is
neuro-protective and this is due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Strokes - as I said, in the cancer research shows that it caused the cancer
cells to blow up and to destroy themselves. Under stroke circumstances, the
Xanthohumol actually protects the normal brain tissue from destroying
itself. Because of its anti-inflammatory benefits and the other benefits,
its antioxidant benefits, it causes the stroke to be much smaller than it
would have otherwise.

In the experimental models, it seems that physiologically, the organism
came back to a more normal neurological functioning when they were taking
the Xanthohumol than in other conditions when the Xanthohumol wasn't used.
So it seems to have profound neurological effects. It's also beneficial for
certain female conditions, particularly endometriosis.

Endometriosis is fortunately not all that common, but nor is it uncommon.
It's a condition where the lining of the uterus or the endometrium tends to
migrate to areas that it should not be. It's not a tumor, but it's almost
like a benign tumor because the cells that should be in the uterine wall
can actually migrate into the ovaries, can migrate into the GI tract and
cause hormonal changes and pain, and discomfort, etc.

The Xanthohumol tends to reduce the ability of endometriosis to migrate
because of its anti-migratory, anti-inflammatory properties, and the angio-
genesis properties, and beneficial for endometriosis.

Dr. Stephen Langer discusses a number of potential benefits of xanthohumol, including the regulation of blood sugar and insulin, as well as the potential benefit to stroke patients and for some female conditions.

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