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Interviewer: Sally, can you just talk a little about the Weston A Price Foundation? What is that foundation about?

Sally Fallon Morell: Well we founded the Weston A. Price Foundation to provide accurate information about nutrition. To clear away the confusion about that burning question what should we eat and what is a healthy diet. We take as our touchstone, the dietary habits of traditional peoples. We have 11 characteristics of traditional, healthy diets. What we look for is a scientific validation of those characteristics. 

For example, traditional cultures put a lot of emphasis on organ meats. If they killed an animal, they ate the organ meats first. Often they threw the muscle meats away. When you look at the nutrient profile of organ meats, it's 10 to a 1,000 times higher in the various nutrients than the muscle meats. We definitely recommend eating organ meats. We recommend animal fats, which is what traditional peoples consumed. We recommend, for example, fermented foods. All traditional cultures ate some kind of fermented food. Whether it was fermented fish, fermented meat, fermented vegetables, fermented milk.

What is the Weston A. Price Foundation all about? Find out from President Sally Fallon Morell. She touches on the nutrition principals the foundation believes in.

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