Is a Raw Food Lifestyle Expensive?

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interviewer:  I'm sure you hear this a lot. One of the big arguments, I guess for lack of a better word, against a raw food, or organic diet is that is just costs too much. It's so much easier to go buy things on the grocery store shelf, than it is raw, or organic food.

Paul Nison:  From my experience, you get what you ask. If you're eating meat, you can get a hamburger from McDonalds, or a steak from a steakhouse. 

interviewer:  Mm.

Paul Nison:  It's pretty much the same meat, but you're going to pay a lot more at the steakhouse. With raw food, you can eat an apple, or go to a restaurant and eat apple pie. It's pretty much an apple, but it's going to cost a lot more to get a raw apple pie. Another thing I find is that the higher quality food that you eat, the more satisfied you are. Your body is meeting its nutritional requirements, so the less you need to eat.

Yes, an organic apple might cost more than six un-organic apples. But, you will only have to eat one, to get the same nutrients; you might have to eat the other six. It could be more expensive. It could also be less expensive depending on how much one eats and what they're going to do. I tend to eat very simple fruits and vegetables.

I know a lot of people that eat at raw food restaurants, which are expensive.

interviewer:  Mm-hmm.

Paul Nison:  It depends what you do with it.

interviewer:  Then you also throw in the cost to your health. 

Paul Nison:  People say that too. I save a lot of money on the doctors.

Raw food expert Paul Nison explains the cost difference on a raw food diet. Paul discusses the cost of raw food restaurants as well as the cost savings of better overall health.

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