Revealed: Your Health Can't Come From a Vaccine!

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Interviewer: When you talk about vaccines just on a wide range, are there some thatyou would think that we just don't need or are there some legitimately weshould get?

Sherri J.Tenpenny, D.O., AOBNMM: I just don't think any of them are necessary. Healthcannot come through a needle. How are you going to inject something in yourbody, a virus, a particle, and a bunch of chemicals and say this will keep youhealthy? It's about as silly as saying if you take these seven different typesof prescription medications you are now healthy. 

Health inthe presence of pharmaceuticals is an oxymoron. People that come into myoffice, I use this as an example a lot; they say they come in for knee pain.They say other than that I'm perfectly healthy. I'm sitting there doing theirhistory and they're on seven different medications. High blood pressure andsomething for their cholesterol, and a diuretic, something for GERD and reflux,something for their head aches but other than that I am perfectly healthy.Symptom free in the presence of drugs is not health. 

Healthabsolutely cannot come through a needle. It can't. Health is an inside outphenomenon. You take care of your terrain. You keep your gut healthy. You getthe adequate amount of nutrition. You get plenty of sleep. Get a lot ofsunshine for your vitamin D. Get out, get your kids outside and get them someexercise. They don't need to be vaccinated. 

What Isee a lot from parents is, parents who are afraid or scared. They just want tofollow their pediatrician, which I will never understand that. As a physicianmyself I do not understand the abdication of your precious little package, yourchild, to another human who happens to wear a white coat that has a title ofpediatrician, trusting that they know best. Wow, how did we get to that place?I just don't understand that.


Dr. Sherri Tenpenny explains why she says health can not come from a needle. She talks about staying healthy naturally and how that would take care of any 'need' for vaccines. If you think vaccines are the way to health, watch this!

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